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New Healthcare Institute, Union Vale, Grand Port District, Mauritius

Quick Facts

Client Name A.G. Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Location Union Vale, Grand Port District
Scope Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design
Region Overseas
Built-up Area 4,85,000 Sq.Ft.
Plot Area 16 Acres
Status Design Development


Program: 200 Beds 
Pioneering healthcare accreditation in Mauritius and the Region as a Quality Champion by enhancing care, compassion and trust through training, education and research.
New Healthcare Institute, located within the panoramic backdrop of Mauritius, is aimed to be the leading Healthcare provider in Mauritius and the catchment region. It is designed to be a Multispecialty Hospital Campus with Centre of  excellence in Cardiology and Cancer Care.
Spreading over an area of 15.72 Acres, the campus comprises of the Healthcare, Rehabilitation and the Residential zones to create a holistic environment. The design intends to strategically initiate a Healing State of Mind by integrating nature into the design where one has to progress through a densely vegetated zone to reach their desired destinations.
The Healthcare zone comprises of the 200 bed Hospital, Out- patient department, Accident Emergency & Diagnostic Centre and the Cancer Care Centre, which stands around a stretch of internal landscaped area incorporating social spaces in the design. This “Green” zone is conceptualized as an extension of the external landscape into an internal courtyard through the double height waiting lounge connecting all the hospital buildings.
The Residential Zone comprising of the Doctor’s Residences, Nursing Staff accommodations and Student’s hostels along with other amenities like Recreation centre and playgrounds are strategically placed towards the Southwest end of the site. The Campus also encompasses a Wellness Centre within it, providing a nourishing and healing environment for drug rehabilitants among the dense greenery.

Credits & Recognition


Architecture: Manoj Choudhary, Bedanta Saikia, Chinmay Patil, Jayesh Ganesh, Santwana Tyagi, Resham Makhija, Ratnamala Phukon, Aditya Soman