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We are a practice with a difference.

Our award winning practice is founded on the principles of collaborative design and is powered by a highly motivated work-force with global education, exposure & experience. In order to best service our clients’ needs, we work in domain-specific verticals.

As we handle projects from the Architectural Pin to the Architectural Plane, we ensure that our idealism remains untarnished. We are a collective with as many philosophies as designers. Sensitivity underlies our design philosophies. With every project, we make a concerted effort to improve its immediate surroundings and contribute to the well-being of its occupants and environs.

We strive to build genuinely sustainable solutions which transcend certifications. We believe in trying to exceed expectations. We aim to delight our Clients, as well as ourselves when we ideate, collaborate, engineer and construct. Invariably, we walk that extra mile to see that the spaces we create, flourish.

Our Values

Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of Integrity in all our dealings with our customers, clients, suppliers, business partners and colleagues. We work in an open, honest and transparent manner and uphold Integrity as a way of life at our organization.

Ownership: We act, lead and behave like committed owners. We take ownership of our responsibilities and accountabilities and work towards achieving the common goal. We demonstrate a passion to excel and a compelling desire to win in the marketplace.

Competence: We foster a performance driven culture that attracts, develops and retains best-in-class talent. We nurture people who are entrepreneurial in nature and who shall work in a collaborative and boundary less manner.

Creativity: We thrive on creativity and innovation. We use our imagination and creativity to challenge the status quo and come up with solutions that will enable us to be trendsetters in our business.

People: We believe that “right people are our best assets”. We treat each individual with trust and respect that reflect our care and concern for people. Through our people we nurture and embed a culture that will bring out the best in their professional and personal lives.

Planet: Yes, we care for the Planet and we want to make it a better and greener place to live, work and enjoy. We strive to be sensitive to the communities, countries and environment in which we work and ensure that we protect its heritage and wellbeing.