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Hyperscale Data Centre (150MW approximately), Mumbai, India

Quick Facts

Client Name One of the top 10 companies in Fortune Global 500 list (2019), and one of the top 10 Digital Companies by Forbes
Location Mumbai
Region Mumbai
Program Data Centres
Built-up Area 7,50,000 Sq. Ft. approximately
Plot Area 8 acres
Status Design Completed


Disclaimer: The above image is for representation purpose only. The NDA with client prevents us from sharing the actual design. 

Specific scope of work: Master planning and conceptual architecture design 

Status: Design stages completed

The vision was to accommodate 2 Data Centre Blocks of approximately 75MW each such that they could be developed in phases.

The Data Centre being a part of a larger mixed-use development meant that the security, circulation and Noise levels associated with the Data Centre had to be looked at differently. This was designed as a multi-storey Data Centre block with floor heights of 9m each. Since the building footprint was governed largely by the standard module configuration of the Data halls, the number of floors (and hence the Data Centre block size) was eventually restricted by the number of chillers that could be located on the terrace of the proposed blocks. The challenge was also to accommodate the mandatory parking within the plot, which was largely governed by the codes than practical use.

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