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Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa, Singthali, Rishikesh, India

Quick Facts

Client Name Darramecks hotels pvt. ltd
Location Singthali, Rishikesh
Scope Architecture
Region New Delhi
Collaboration YH2, Canada
Built-up Area 1,10,000 Sq. Ft.
Plot Area 22 Acres
Status Completed



The site is located in Byasi, Uttarakand, India. From the top access to the bottom of the site, there is an elevation of 100metres . Its is a steeply contoured site with staggered flat beds which represents the Terraced agricultural farming.

The site has a view of 270 degrees of River Ganges. The project is planned in two functional categories. 1. Welcome house which houses 40 guest rooms,Public Areas, BOH and services. Electrical Services are planned in the start of the Start near the Main Highway.

40 Villas staggered around till the bottom of the site on the Terraced Agricultural land. The Main pathway snakes around from the entrance till the pool. Slope of the Main Pathway varies from 1:4 to 1:8 at some places. All the villas are then planned on both sides of the main path.

The Welcome House (Reception) stands 20m below the Main Highway to  Badrinath. The Villas are then staggered in the next 40m, then ending in the Pool and Specialty restaurant in the next 20 metres. The Pool overlooks the Ganges which flows all around below 20m. There is a  Spa embedded into the Earth overlooking the Ganges.

All the Public areas and 80% of the rooms look into the Ganges.


1.       Tradtional Architecture in Contemporary Style.

2.       200mm th. Local Stone Cladding in the Project.

3.       Exposed Dark Metal Structure and Exposed Wooden Cladding in the exterior.

4.       Local Slate finish in the Roof.

5.       Welcome House houses the local Courtyard at the centre.


1.       Highly Contoured Site was a big challenge.

2.       200mm th. Stone Cladding in the building is never done before. A lot of Research and Development happened to design and execute that.

Credits & Recognition


Architecture: Baskaran Kolathu, Radhika Dey, Pallavi Jitkar, Binu Kuriakose, Akshata Bane


Jan 2019


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