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Shreedhanya Homes, Trivandrum, India

Quick Facts

Location Trivandrum
Region Kochi


The prime challenge of this project is to strike a balance between the desired high density (3.8 FSI) and livability quotient for the inhabitants. A total target FSI of 3.8, with the development restricted within 49 Mts. suggested a dense development, prima facie. The master plan approach is to counterbalance the density with desirable open space for community use. The master plan responds to these challenges and lay the habitable blocks proliferate along the site periphery, generating a large central open space for community interaction. The resultant master plan is a peripheral connected tower typology with an elevated green space at the center accessible from each building act as the fulcrum of the neighborhood, dotted with a multiplicity of amenities and landscape courts, an interactive platform for social engagement. It is envisaged as an active urban park for about 4000 populaces. This is a complete pedestrian zone with absolute no vehicular movement. The elevated central green (having all public activities) space is connected to the club house on one end and it can be accessed from ground level at various locations defining the public real a walkable community.

The façade is developed with the idea of having a distinct identity for each apartment amidst their plurality. It conveys an idea of individuality of the part (individual apartment) within the whole (agglomeration of apartments). The facade starts to represent the idea of individual homes within the framework. 

Credits & Recognition