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Schlumberger Phase 2, Pune, India

Quick Facts

Client Name Schlumberger India Technology center
Location Pune
Scope Interior Design
Region Pune
Plot Area 46,000 sq ft
Status Completed


For Schlumberger’s offices in Pune, Edifice Consultants drew from the organization’s rich global presence. The key design idea has been to weave a rich tapestry of extremely contextual and often literal narratives of striking locations from around the world; transporting employees to their favourite destinations for a day of work! Functionally, the client’s brief as well as the design intent established a strong focus on the collaborative environment rather than the closed office culture.                     
The design for Phase 2 is a stark departure from the exotic destination theme and projects the workplaces as a state-of-the-art new age workplace with large collaborative spaces set in a very mildly flavoured office environment. The key highlights are the colours of the loose furniture and the dark flooring which contrasts with the pure white of the workstations and the office walls & ceiling.

Credits & Recognition


Interior: Gomati Balachandran, Prashant Sawant, Dakshayani Sheth