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Institute of Information & Communication Technology, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

Quick Facts

Client Name Dhirubhai Ambani University (DAU)
Location Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Scope Master Planning, Architecture
Region Mumbai
Built-up Area 12,50,000 Sq.Ft.
Plot Area 110 Acres
Status Competition Entry


The design approach is based on principles of a self sustaining educational community proposed on the design fundamentals of interactive learning. This is achieved through an induced environment of harmoniously integrated built and open spaces connected through a fluid landscape armature.
DAU’s vision of creating a state of the art institute which would impart intellectual competitiveness in India makes it imperative that the context of the campus is correctly interpreted. Context itself can be approached in two different ways; by function or by place.
The function in this case represents education in information technology; one of contemporary India’s pressing needs in order to continue its economic advancement. On the other hand responsiveness of the campus master plan to the regions  culture, climate and land form would lead to a sustainable framework of its very existence.
While Madhya Pradesh has a subtropical climate, rich in biodiversity with several national parks the micro-climate and regional topography of the site has resulted in a more arid land form. There are indications of existence of multi-crop land in the vicinity; however the immediate condition of the site represents a rough rocky terrain with sparse vegetation.
The area comprises of undulating topography with scattered isolated shallow hills along the north east corridor. The entire campus area comes under three micro watersheds which are part of main Halali watershed. To create a vibrant campus it is essential these micro watersheds are harnessed to induce a productive landscape which would be the binding armature for the community. Through this landscape the built environment would be in constant spatial dialogue with its surroundings.

Credits & Recognition