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Hyperscale Data Centre (100MW approximately), South India

Quick Facts

Client Name One of the top 10 companies in Fortune Global 500 list (2019), and one of the top 10 Digital Companies by Forbes
Location South India
Scope Master Planning
Program Data Centres
Built-up Area 3,75,000 Sq. Ft.
Plot Area 34 acres
Status Design Completed


Disclaimer: The above image is for representation purpose only. The NDA with client prevents us from sharing the actual design. 

Status: Design stages completed

The vision here was to accommodate the maximum number and size of Data Centre modules within a constrained and irregular plot profile.

Locating rectangular Data Centre modules within an irregular plot profile meant careful placement of blocks and smart utilisation of irregular pockets of plot for catering to the space required to be left as per codes, such as towards parking, mandatory open spaces, trees, etc. To add to this, the phased development in this constrained plot which had an external access road only along one side of the plot, meant that the internal road and site infrastructure network had to be done carefully without really duplicating the same.

The facility required a space of almost 5 acres to accommodate the sub station to cater to the power requirement of the Data Centre facility, which also required a direct access from the external access road. This added to the complexity. The site being contoured meant that the proposed Data Centre blocks had to be placed at different heights, which meant that there was a need for CFD analysis to be done to ensure that the hot air extracted by the Generator banks of the Block on a lower elevation did not mix with the intake of the Mechanical system of the block placed higher. This process lead to assessing various placement options finally leading to the most efficient one. To maximise the development potential, careful study of the various codes had to be done and a recommendation placed forth the Authorities to consider the development under a typology that would be beneficial to the client.


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