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Country Inn & Suites, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Quick Facts

Client Name Sri Venkateshwara Hotels India Pvt. Ltd.
Location Bengaluru, Karnataka
Scope Architecture, Interior Design
Region Bengaluru
Program Program: 70 Keys, All Day Dining, Bar, Restaurant & Spa
Built-up Area 80,000 Sq.Ft.
Status Completed


For The Country Inns and Suites by Sri Venketaswara Hotels Private Limited , the client put forth  a straightforward image of a style, that could be easily related to but unique in design and ambience. 
With a very linear and compact site with restrictions of height in place, resourceful use of spaces was fundamental. Adopting efficient planning approaches, removing negative spaces and keeping the base form pure, the design was deliberately kept simple from the outside, but grand from the inside. Using repetition and addition of the window element on the elevation of the structure dually aided the functions of climate protection thus reducing energy consumption while forming an interesting array of light and shadow visually. 
The internal spaces are enlivened with cheerful colour schemes, unrestricted flowing spaces and innovative uses and techniques of lighting. Unique theme based concepts in areas for banqueting, lounges, public and private areas and suites further supplemented the design with added joie de vivre and finesse while working within the limitations towards an advantage for the project.

Credits & Recognition


Interior: K Baskaran, Radhika Dey, Binu Kuriakose