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Burman Brothers, Rashbehari Avenue,Kolkata, India

Quick Facts

Location Rashbehari Avenue,Kolkata
Scope Interior Design
Region Kolkata
Program Facade & Interior refurbishment of existing structure (100 yrs old load bearing building)
Built-up Area Facade & Interior refurbishment of existing structure
Plot Area 0.9
Status Design Development


This redevelopment project, located in the heart of the city intends to create a strong character in the prominent urban context. The design reinterprets traditional architecture to render a contemporary language to this site, making it a unique landmark. The façade strategy attempts to enhance the street presence of the office and residential building distinctively.

The residential building has a unique blend of Art deco styles, traditional elements and climate responsive façade which reminds one of buildings in the post-colonial phase in Kolkata.

Diversely, the use of Terracotta as a material for the office building gives it an earthy yet contemporary appearance as it amalgamates with the protruding glass edifice.

Credits & Recognition