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Nilesh Dongre in his interview to MumbaiMirror.com talked about 'Building for the Future'

Nilesh Dongre, Head, Developer Spaces, Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd in his interview to MumbaiMirror.com talked about strategies for 'Building for the Future'. He said, " whilst it's too early to say what the post-COVID 19 normal will look like, I believe this is an opportunity to catalyze positive changes in the built environment through new forms of design interventions. Some significant changes and research at the metropolitan level can change the face of the city in the post-COVID 19 eras. Perhaps, we can start by providing people in the cities with greener, safer, friendlier and healthier street systems. Small tactical interventions at the neighborhood scale hold the potential to make more significant impacts. Bespoke sustainable design responses at the neighborhood level, such as encouraging active mobility design interventions can help to reclaim underutilized spaces for the well-being of the society."