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The Edi-tion: November 2021 is out!

This month's focus at Edifice Consultants is Colours in Design — a thought-provoking showcase of creative vision across our commercial and healthcare projects.
Our current project — Corporate Office for Monte Carlo, Ahmedabad and upcoming Healthcare project – Cancer Hospital, Sharda University, Noida, the approaches towards colour palettes were drawn from the contexts to symbolize culture and create spiritual healing experiences respectively.
We're delighted to see the work that resonates with our core values featured #InTheNews – Edifice Consultants as India’s Top 30 Architects in Forbes List: The Bold Club, Architectural Commitment of Edificians on World Architecture Day and The Economic Times’ feature of Jayesh Ganesh on returning to offices post-pandemic.
Click on the link to read more in our November Newsletter: https://bit.ly/3cCKTIJ