Asif K. M. - Regional Head - Kerala

Asif has been with Edifice since 2007 and is the Regional Director at Kochi, responsible for Client Relationships and Project Delivery. His experience spans the handling of projects within the Residential, Hospitality, Healthcare, and commercial development sectors.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: Niraamaya - Kumarakom, Artech, Tata Realty – Tritvam at Kochi, Nucleus and KGA Crowne Plaza - Kochi.

"I believe in engaging with the client throughout the lifecycle of the project, with the goal of improving business relationships, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth"

Baskaran Kolathu - Vertical Head - Hospitality Architecture

Baskaran joined Edifice in 2007, and heads the Hospitality Architecture Practice. A veritable human sponge and an avid traveller , Baskaran has accumulated enormous depth and breadth of knowledge on best practices and standards with regard to Hotel Design over the course of years. He has consistently been able to deploy this technical competence into the projects that he has handled, thereby delivering best-in-class built Hotel projects unfailingly.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: Niraamaya at Kumarakom - Kerala, TAJ - Serviced Apartment & Convention Centre - Chennai, LEMON TREE at Manesar - Gurgaon, Gold Finch hotel - Navi Mumbai, Country Inn and Suites- Bengaluru Taj-Gateway-Nashik, Hubli, Kolkata, Vashi & Shirdi, Hyatt Regency Pune, Vivanta by Taj at Guwahati & Rishikesh.

"Form, Function, and Proportion are the three sides of an equilateral triangle. Good architecture succeeds in employing proportions appropriate to its functions and occupants, fulfills structural requirements and provides aesthetically pleasing order."

Bedanta Saikia - Vertical Head - Healthcare 

Bedanta has been an integral part of Edifice since 2000 and now heads our Corporate Architecture Practice. Building upon his extended exposure to the working styles of various corporate organizations across diverse industries, Bedanta now attempts to distil the best practices from each and amalgamate them into designs that work effortlessly as great workspaces. He believes in sustainability and tries to reduce the carbon footprint of each project by sensible yet relevant use of materials and processes.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: TCS - Adibatla, Hyderabad, Infosys Software Development Campus- Indore, Syntel Software Development Campus - Chennai & Tirunelveli, Mahindra Automotive - Corporate Office – Pune, Tata Communication Internet Data Centre - Ambatur, Chennai and The headquarters for Ministry of New & Renewable Energy ( MNRE ) at New Delhi.

"I believe that design should be unique, memorable and monumental but not at the cost of environment, user comfort and client satisfaction."

Girish Sohani - Vertical Head - Hospitality Interiors

With Edifice since 2007, Girish leads designing in Interiors for the Hospitality Industry. His passion is to produce unique yet practical designs which are user friendly and consider the latest trends in the field. His fanatical attention to detail and a commitment to the highest quality standards, while adhering to the clients' budget and timeframe during all phases of the design process has helped the vertical grow.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include the Taj Gateway at Pune, ITC Service Apartments & Club House, Guntur, Hotel Sayaji at Kolhapur, Novotel -Guwahati, Maker Maxity Mall & Club – Mumbai and Lemon Tree Hotel – Manesar, Gurgaon.

"My vision is to create memories by evoking a sense of place on a journey through surprise, discovery, luxury and desire. Each one of our project should be unique and deliver a special experience."

Laxmi Menon - Director, Vertical Head - Corporate Interior

Laxmi has been an integral part of Edifice since 1996. As a Vertical Head, she currently heads the design effort within the Corporate Interior Vertical. Laxmi has been the design author of several of Edifice's stand out projects over the years. Her work has embraced a wide variety of style from edgy offices with audaciously experimental work featuring industrial materials, to conventionally luxurious, tasteful corporate offices.

Her Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: Offices for Delloite at Hyderabad and Bangalore, Office for Lupin Laboratories at Mumbai, Offices for D.E. Shaw and Wilco at Hyderabad.

"Getting the space plan right is critical as this forms the basis of every aspect of the design. This would involve a deep understanding of the potential of the Site and the vision of the Client. God is indeed in the details. I enjoy the challenge of evolving details that enable a perfect realization of the concept. I find watching the project realize, fine tuning design on site, and handing over extremely satisfying."

Manoj Choudhary - Director

A Director at Edifice, Manoj has been a vital cog in the Edifice wheel since 1999. He currently runs the Healthcare and Urban Design Verticals and also oversees Business Development.

Manoj has previously helmed our Bangalore operations with great success and has been crucial to our growth as a company and as a team. Manoj has also built our Commercial Development Design Vertical from scratch. He deems himself the eternal student, learns from everything that crosses his path and applies these learning across projects and competencies.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice, spread across the Healthcare ,Urban Design and Commercial Development include: AMRI Hospital - Bhubaneswar, Mother and Child Care Hospital - Kolkata, Asian Heart Institute – Mumbai, Wipro, Ascendas, Bhartiya City, Tata Realty, Mahindra World City (Jaipur & Chennai ) and I.T.C. at Guntur.

"I find professional satisfaction in designing specialized spaces, employing cutting edge practices and design standards, and working with internationally trained professionals to deliver state-of-the-art designs, be it Urban Design or Hospitals."

Naveen Thomas - Vertical Head - Corporate Architecture

Naveen joined Edifice in 2005 and his current role is that of a Vertical Head.

Naveen feels that design should be visual in nature with emphasis on spatial volumes, massing and user comfort. It should be functional and climatically responsive, with the client requirement in perspective.

He has worked on varied assignments in Edifice, prominent among them being: Bekaert Industries Pvt. Ltd. (Pune), Printing Press for Midday (Navi Mumbai), Tata Chemicals Ltd. (Pune), Advance Medtech Solutions (Vadodara), Titan Industries Ltd. (Bengaluru), Cipla Ltd. (Mumbai), Infosys (Indore), Syntel (Siruseri), TCS (Hyderabad) amongst others.

Nilesh Dongre - Vertical Head - Developer Spaces

Nilesh has been a valued member of Edifice since 2007 and now heads the Commercial Projects Practice. Extremely hands on, he insists upon intimate involvement with the design development of every project he handles. He believes that a detailed understanding of this process is instrumental to the delivery of quality projects. He has, over the years, developed a deep understanding of the underlying commercial dynamics that power this typology. His attempt is to ensure that the projects that he oversees, in addition to delivering high quality designs, also fulfil the commercial potential of the project.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: The World Trade Centre - Abuja, Nigeria TRIL TRITVAM - Kochi, Bhartiya City, SEZ – Bangalore, Ascendas, Reliance ADAG –GIFT City project, Kalpataru Developers, Lodha Developers and Mantri Developers.

"Our Commercial Design Studio believes in anticipating and implementing market trends rather than following them. We aim to position and improve each design to realize full potential afforded by the development, in the broader context of the precinct."

Prashant Manjeshwar - Director - Operation

Prashant, now a Director with Edifice and an Interior Designer by training, started his career with us in 1995. He runs Edifice's Design Studio operations and controls resourcing, team sizing, quality assurance, efficiencies and bench strength for the design teams within the studio and the design support for the same. He continues to be a vital presence towards Edifice developing as a learning organization and a continually improving team of professionals.

In addition, during his earlier days in Edifice, he has handled projects for Infosys, Standard Chartered Bank and Crompton Greaves Ltd, amongst others.

"My vision for the Edifice Studio is that of a happy space. One which hums with Energy and Creativity. A space which challenges you to think radically, lifts your competence levels, and delivers best in class project drawings and documentation. All this with constancy in accuracy and timeliness."

Prashant Sawant - Regional Head - Pune

Prashant came aboard Edifice in 2011, and is currently the Regional Director at Pune, responsible for Client Relationships and Project Delivery in the region. Prashant has considerable experience on all architectural aspects of a project, having performed roles both at the Studio within the design team, as well as Site and Client facing roles. His track record of projects handled includes an SEZ which can be counted amongst the largest in the country.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: TCS – Adibatla, Schlumberger - Pune, Parametric Technology Corporation - Pune, Syntel – Chennai & Pune and Credit Suisse – Pune.

"What matters to me, when it comes to design, are positive user experience, design that exceeds the client expectations and match the creative goals set by oneself. "

Ramji Sarangan - Director

Ramji joined Edifice in 2001 and is a Director on the Board. He manages Edifice's Business Development portfolio and his tasks include evolving processes to develop and implement growth opportunities. He has played a key role in identifying potential clients, meeting them and converting those into projects and the subsequent support and monitoring of its implementation. Both in the opportunity development phase and the implementation phase, he has collaborated with multiple stakeholders and has established a robust network both, within and outside the organization. This has helped in the Growth of Edifice.

"I highly recommend business networking as a way to gain new clients and to build a sustainable relationship. Business Networking is a really valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about your business."

Ravi Sarangan - Director

Ravi co-founded Edifice, and is the Director at Edifice. A recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from within the fraternity, Ravi has been instrumental in growing Edifice to our current pre-eminent position ,within the profession. He currently oversees Edifice's brand management, handles Key Clients, and participates in the creative design process. Ravi also delivers lectures on the design and practice of Architecture as well as serves on the jury of various eminent design award competitions.

Ravi has been intimately involved with several landmark projects, prominent amongst them are projects for JSW, Cap Gemini, Amararaja Industries, Reliance ADAG and the Head quarters for The Ministry of Renewable Energy at New Delhi .

"Any Design intervention which gets a smile on the face of the occupant, elevates them, improves productivity, is extremely important to me. Furthermore, the design should be sustainable, belong to that place, enhance its surroundings and serve as a benchmark for future developments"

Sabarno De - Vertical Head - Corporate Interiors

Sabarno has been with Edifice since 1998. He now heads our Corporate Interior Practice. Experience gained from the multitude of projects he has handled has given him the insight that good design is achieved when the analysed requirements are over layed on the opportunities afforded and challenges posed by the Site. This approach towards adopting optimal design has been taken forward by Sabarno through the compiling of a Workspace Strategy Manual for the Corporate Interior Practice.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: Tata Consultancy Services, Hyderabad, Capgemini , Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Reliance ADAG HQ.

"My endeavour will always be towards enhancing the quality of space for greater user experience."

Sachin Bhatt - Director

A Director at Edifice, Sachin became a member of Team Edifice in 2000, the very year he graduated. Over the years he has developed expertise in the design and handing over of large and complex campus projects for Corporate Organizations. Additionally, Sachin also oversees the Finance and the HR functions within Edifice.

His portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: Tata Consultancy Services, Syntel, Virtusa, Cipla and Hitachi Consulting.

"While we attempt to render our designs humane and culturally and contextually connected, realization of the concept through implementation stage, and evidencing tangible benefits to the Client is what gives me maximum satisfaction. This, to me, is the most important aspect of design…"

Sangeetha Shenai - Director - Finance

Sangeetha, now a Director with Edifice is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and also has a law background. She started her career with us in 2005. She manages Edifice's finance and legal functions. She has played a vital role in making finance a forward-looking function and integrating it with operations and marketing to facilitate informed strategic decision-making.

"My vision for Edifice is to bring it to a level where it brings in immense value to all its stakeholders. Each stakeholder needs to be proud to be associated with this company. An important aspect of this is transparency in financial dealings, good corporate governance practices and fairness while dealing with all. It is my aim to deliver this and more."

Sanjay Nayak - Director, Vertical Head - Design Council

Sanjay is a Director at Edifice, and has been with Edifice since the year 2000, two years after his graduation. He does not let any corners be cut in the pursuit of excellence of any project he has been entrusted with. He has worked on multiple typologies and still considers himself a learner and constantly tries to better every attempt. Needless to say, many of his designs are award winners. The pursuit of excellence is a way of life for him, right since the time he was awarded the Charles Correa Gold medal, as a student of Architecture, for the best design dissertation

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: JSW at Mumbai, Dolvi & Bellary, Amara Raja - Hyderabad and Tata Consultancy Services at Chennai & Thane.

"Good Design, to me, is that which respects the Environment, remains true to its Brief and upgrades its User and Context."

Sanjay Srinivasan - Director

Sanjay co-founded Edifice and is currently a Director with the company. He is responsible for Strategy and Planning at an organizational level. He also oversees design for the Hospitality Architecture, and handles Key Clients, participating in Design in a very hands on manner.

Sanjay has, over the years, handled projects for several corporate organizations, prominent among them, Infosys, TCS, Syntel and Cognizant Technologies.

"My fundamental aim while designing is to create a space which nurtures the occupant by fulfilling deep rooted instinctual human needs and acts as an enabler to improve the quality of his/her life"

Shaon Sengupta Director - Business Development, Zonal Head - North & East India

Shaon has been an Edifician since 2000. She currently operates out of New Delhi, is a Director in the firm and functions as a Zonal Head for North & East India. Probably the most Client Focused amongst the Edifice team, Shaon has, by exceeding expectations, garnered a track record of several extremely satisfied Clients over the years. Shaon believes in creating timeless and practical designs suited to client requirements and ensuring delivery and completion of projects the way they were initially envisaged.

Her Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: Mentor Graphics, HCL Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, AMRI Multispeciality Hospital – Bhubaneshwar, Acropolis for Merlin Group – Kolkata, Burman GSC - Gurgaon, Corporate office for Century Ply and Atal Akshaya Urja Bhawan, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy -New Delhi

"The delight in my client's eyes that comes with the completion of each project gives me the fuel to walk that extra mile to turn every vision into reality"

Vishal Mistry - Regional Head - Hyderabad

Vishal has been with us since, 2002 and is Regional Director handling Corporate Interiors at Hyderabad. Prior to this he was the Vertical Head – Corporate Interiors, responsible for the execution of fit out projects. Vishal works towards design being user friendly, meet client specific requirements and ensure uniqueness and freshness. He brings enormous value to the projects that he handles through his ability to resolve site issues and realize conceptual design into a built project with a high level of design fidelity.

He has worked on varied assignments in Edifice, prominent among them being: Salesforce, Service Now, Virtusa, Verizon & Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

"My priorities through the project are twofold. Firstly, I find it extremely important to have a deep understanding, and a constant reminder of the design intent right through the execution of the project. This informs all thinking, all decisions taken during the execution phase and enables design fidelity in the realized project. Secondly I value constructability and practicality in design details, and vet the output of the Studio through this lens."

Uday Goswami - Project Head - Developer Spaces

A Design Head at Edifice, Uday has been a vital part of the organization since 2008. He currently leads the design team in Developer vertical and spearheads residential and master planning projects across major Indian cities.

Uday is a recipient of “Le Corbusier certificate of proficiency” for his undergraduate academic work in Chandigarh and he has completed Master in Advanced Architecture programme in Barcelona (IaaC) in the year 2008. Uday tries to bring in effective and quality design solutions with a global appeal through a collaborative design process. With an analytical process driven approach and the contextual layers rightly extrapolated, Uday develops design solution that is contextually insightful with certain architectural merit.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice, include: Tata Housing Avenida (Kolkata), Tata Housing Serein (Mumbai), Tata Housing Odeon (Maldives), Godrej Avenue (Bangalore), IIM Udaipur, Ramanujan IT Park-Phase 2(Chennai), 1000 Homes (Social Housing at Djibouti, Africa), JSW Township (Bellary) and Bajaj Automobile R&D center (Pune).

Uday is also academically involved as visiting juror with various architectural institutions. He has been writing a series of articles on the architectural epistemology of collective housing named “density, dense [city] and livability” on Edifice blog.

Kirtiman Sinha - Project Head - Corporate Interiors

A Project Head at Edifice, Kirtiman is part of this family since 2013. Currently he is working with Corporate Interior vertical.

Kirtiman is an alumni of Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai. He is responsible to develop quality design solutions as per the needs and requirements of clients following Edifice standard delivery process. With an analytical process driven approach and the contextual layers rightly extrapolated, Kirtiman develops design solution that is contextually insightful with innovation in every project.

During his tenure at Edifice, he has led projects starting from development of Conceptual Design, Schematic, Design Development and Construction Stages of various types of projects across India successfully.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice spread across India include: Kotak Mahindra Bank, KPMG, CITI Bank, PTC, Comverse, AMDOCS, Mahindra Vehicle, and Amazon.

Chinmay Patil - Project Head - Healthcare

As a project head, Chinmay Patil is responsible for the design and management of all projects done by the healthcare vertical.

Chinmay has over 8 years of experience in designing and execution of hospitals in India and U.S.A. He is academically and professionally trained in the field of healthcare design and has acquired his Master’s degree in Architecture with dual specialization in Disaster management & Health Systems Planning & Design.

His in depth knowledge and understanding of the patients’ needs along with complex operational processes and building systems, allows him to quickly grasp and transform the client needs into tangible solutions. He is particularly passionate about hospital planning and is keen on designing spaces which not just caters to the planning needs but elevates the experience of patients and caregivers.

Chinmay is currently working on three All India Institute of Medical Sciences Campuses at Nagpur, Kalyani & Mangalagiri each consisting of 1000 bed hospital, a medical college and college of nursing; and staff and student accommodation. Apart from these, he is also designing a 340 bed super specialty hospital in Bhubaneswar and a pathological laboratory for one of the country’s leading practitioners.

Gomati Balachandran - Project Head - Corporate Interiors

A Project Head at Edifice, Gomati has been an integral part of Edifice since 2002. She currently leads a team in the Corporate Interior Vertical and also oversees presentations for new projects.

Gomati has led a no. of projects across the country with great success and has been crucial to our growth as a company. She has been a part of the Interior Vertical right from its inception & is instrumental in the growth of the team.  Her strengths are in designing innovatively & putting heart & soul to ensure that all projects get executed exactly as envisaged.

Her Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice include: Reliance Headquarters-Mumbai, Schlumberger-Pune, Syntel-Chennai, PTC-Pune, Novartis-Hyderabad, Credit Suisse-Pune, TCS-Pune & Kohler-Pune

Mishkat Ahmed - Project Head - Urban Design

Mishkat Ahmed joined Edifice in 2011 as a Senior Designer after completing her Masters in Urban Design at U C Berkeley, USA, and has grown with the vertical over the years. She is currently Team Lead, Urban Design and is passionate to develop urban research as an effective tool towards designing and planning cities.

Mishkat has been instrumental in developing a good working relation with prominent corporate and public sector clients as well as the consultants we work with on various projects. The first mixed use project and industrial park of the firm were handled by her, setting the precedence for many more.

Her key works include the Detailed Layout Plan for Wadala Notified Area, Mahindra World City (Jaipur and Gummidipoondi), and International Tech Park for Ascendas (India). She is the founder of the ‘Better Your Neighbourhood’ Project, a model to integrate community participation with urban improvements which has received much admiration.

Satish Nair - Vertical Head – Healthcare

Satish joined Edifice in 2018 and is now the Vertical Head – Healthcare. He has over 18 years of professional experience with Indian and International architectural firms, spanning a wide range of projects within the corporate realm and a focused experience in healthcare architecture. His expertise lies in efficiently managing teams and clients alike and providing crucial mentorship to young designers.

He has worked on varied assignments with Edifice, most prominent among them being:
Mahanama Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Cancer Centre – Varanasi, MIDAS Multispecialty Hospital – Nagpur, Sparsh Hospital – Bhubaneshwar, Ramanujam IT SEZ at Chennai, Global Development Center for Syntel – Pune.

"While designing, the quality of space created, the massing of the built-form as well as the user experience that are important to me."

Subhrendu Das - Regional Head - Kolkata

Subhrendu joined Edifice in 2008. His current role is that of a Regional Head - Kolkata. He handles Client Relationships as well as Project Delivery in the region.

In an age where resources are dwindling, Subhendru believes an architect requires a sensitive and knowledge based approach for every project. He uses this approach to address contextual design of the built environment, open spaces, the public realm and the ecology as a whole. He is an astute observer of urban patterns and has been a speaker at various seminars and forums.

He has worked on varied assignments in Edifice, prominent among them being:
The Lake District Kondhwa, Pune, ITC Campus, Guntur, Mantri SUN 3, Bengaluru, TATA Housing Rajarhat, Kolkata, Bengal Aerotropolis Durgapur, West Bengal, JSW Salboni, West Bengal.

"I firmly believe that Design is collaborative and process-oriented as opposed to an individualistic exercise."

Subhrendu Das - Project Head - Developer Spaces

As a Project Head at Edifice, Subhrendu brings more than 15 years of experience both at national and international levels in the fields of planning, urban design and architecture. He currently heads the design studio at Kolkata and is involved in all phases of project delivery - from conceptualization to project coordination and execution. Presently he is leading several large scale projects located at multiple regions such as Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

After completing his Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Kansas State University, Subhrendu worked in Arizona, USA where he had an opportunity to complete architectural services on education campuses and public facility projects. Since joining the firm in 2008, he had been based in Mumbai and then Kolkata.

As a LEED Accredited professional with USGBC, Subhrendu has developed a distinctly creative skill set to translate client's ideas into innovative and environmentally responsive design solutions. His portfolio of projects at Edifice includes - the 100 Acre integrated township for PRA at Pune and ongoing campuses for ITC at Guntur, and for Ascendas at Hyderabad. He has also worked on the design concept for 142, RASHBEHARI, selected as one of the seven finalist entry in Future Office category at the World Architecture Festival, Singapore, 2015.

Mohd. Shafique Mulla - Project Head - Corporate Interiors

Shafique joined Edifice in 1996 and his current role is that of a Project Head.

According to Shafique, a project's design should put emphasis on the quality of light and the sense of space and openness, even in the tightest of conditions. He likes to experiment with various forms of massing and creation of enclosures and their juxtaposition with openness to enhance user comfort, which is another key element of his designs.

His Portfolio of projects handled as a part of Edifice, include: CTS (Hyderabad), BNP Paribas Sundaram Global Securities Operations Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai), Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd (Pune), Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore), Comfort Projects Pvt. Ltd. / EDELWEISS (Mumbai), TCS Adibatla (Hyderabad), and Capgemini Consulting India Pvt. Ltd (Mumbai).