Zimlib War Memorial hospital Project

The architecture of the project offers an enduring and memorable glimpse of African architecture and commitment to healthcare. Thus, adding a new dimension to the idea of medical tourism. An integrated landscape startegy including public, cultural and therapeutic spaces as well as productive landscapes and organic farming areas will help link the natural lay of land with the proposed functions on site.
The proposed hospital is a 300 bed state-of -the-art multi-speciality healthcare facility in Africa. Apart from hospital, it also provides for staff accommodation area, residential suites for patients or relatives and a retail component.
The hospital will predominantly cater to Oncology, cardiology and mother - baby care supported by a robust diagnostic department inclusive of C.T., M.R.I., linear Accelerators, Brachytherapy, lodine therapy, PET scan and SPECT scan etc. Special emphasis has been given on enhancing the user experience by use of landscape as a healing element.