The Gateway at Kolkata

The Gateway is a mid-market brand in the 5 Star segment and largely caters to the non-fussy, modern executives. The intent was to design a structure to be true to the "Gateway" focus of creating sanctuaries that refresh, refuel and renew the modern day traveler. The design remains true to the brand signature, crisp, courteous, warm and welcoming. The colour palette of red, grey and white standardized for this particular brand has been adhered to and used in the most innovative of ways thus creating bold, elegant, straight forward and an inviting visual appeal.

The master planning is efficient and sensitive to the given site with proper zoning with climatically and contextually appropriate orientation of the building which would also flaunt the building elevation. The hotel planning adheres to the principle of zoning into 7 simple divisions - Stay, Hangout, Meet, Work, Workout, Unwind and Explore. While detailing, our endeavour is to add to this concept and fashion luxurious spaces for the astute user.