With 90,000 sq. ft. project spread over two floors, brief from the client demanded a very unique experience, different from their previous offices at the same time an ambience of its kind to be appreciated by the staff and visitors. Edifice struck on the idea of using the colours inspired by the Greek island of Santorini for the upper larger floor. With central query – What is it that one associates visually with this place? ‘There is a great deal of white in the colour of the buildings, the blue of the sea and small punches of colour in the flowering shrubs,’. These Mediterranean colours became the basis of the colour scheme, further strengthened by the flowing forms in the design, which recall the movement of water.

The massing is in white, with a textured paint being used for the cabins, which have a blue wall facing the entrance – the blue being visible from the outside of the office. The carpet defines an ambulating pathway in blue, flanked by work stations for the staff. A ‘history wall’ displays in graphic form the values which the company espouses, their work ethic and sentiments they hold dear. 

For the lower smaller floor the theme is inspired by Central American colours and architecture. This floor looks more like a home than an office, because of its resort-like feel.  A beige and blue carpet simulates the sand and the sea, with a hazy merging of the two colours, emulating a shoreline. There are punches of colour and a terracotta tone for accent walls which provide an earthy element. The cabins are in glass with a frosted film running across the centre to provide a measure of privacy. Terracotta frames the cabins on the outside and is also repeated on a wall inside. The furniture is in wood, with upholstery in earthy colours. The informal meeting areas on this floor are demarcated by the ‘sandy’ carpet, whereas the work stations sit on a sea of blue. Use of natural light was maximised for the workspaces, while enclosed spaces were placed along the core areas. The recreation area has stepped seating against one wall, with a busy ceiling featuring coloured grids in blue, yellow and green. These are negotiated by the industrial aesthetic of the exposed ducting for the air-conditioning. The ceiling of the café has a honeycomb pattern interspersed with round light fixtures. White chairs add a clean look to the space, which overlooks some greenery in the adjacent refuge area. The colour scheme here is completely different from the office area with a palette of black, wood tones and a splash of orange to add brightness.