S.D.Center for TCS - Synergy Park PH 2

The second phase of the campus development for Tata consultancy services housing 6500 professionals was set in a bow tie shaped parcel of 13 acres, out of the 51 acre marked for this project. The primary modules comprises of two buildings unified by a plaza, evolved from underlying geometry of the parcel, optimized work plate depth and the climatic context. The primary work areas are lifted off the gently sloping terrain, evolving as they ascend in a lattice pattern, forming a spatial network of well lit enclosed work spaces, shaded community decks, voids that function as courts and with intersections planned as cores anchoring to the terrain. The lower level embracing the terrain is set aside for common facilities like reception, cafes and library defined in transparent enclosures, occupying minimal foot print, set in generous free flowing landscape, preserving many of the existing trees.