S.D.Center for Syntel

The project was envisaged as a high-tech software development centre with a contemporary feel to act as a brand vehicle for the company. This aspiration is realized by adopting distinct dynamic curvilinear built forms rather than a regular grid-iron planning approach.The site is a green field project, a composite site of two land parcels with a minor connection. The master plan unified these parcels in the form of a contiguous landscape armature.The design of all the Software Development Blocks is modular in nature, with slender curvilinear floor plates planned around an oval, open to sky landscaped court. These blocks get proliferated over the site, responding to the climatically appropriate orientation and to the desired view and access of the central landscape feature as well. The working zone derives diffused natural day light along the linear facade. The heart of the site is marked by the presence of a plaza bounded by the cafe and the welcome block. The welcome block is designed as a kiosk immersing the occupant in the lush landscape.