S.D.Center for Syntel

The entire site area is a 16 acre highly contoured site, which Syntel intended to develop in a single phase. This phase consists of 3 distinct buildings to house approx 6000 persons, services and a sports facility.The site has a perennial river on the north with stunning views. Being a highly contoured site, the buildings are planned as 3 blocks. The largest software development block sits on a fairly flat part of the site and is planned as a 7 storey structure. The lower 4 levels are designed to resemble the buildings in the context of the earlier development in the adjoining land parcel which also belongs to the same client.

The upper 3 levels is a modern architectural expression with materials such as glass and steel. This block also allows for transition of staff in a 4 storey stilted atrium with intensive landscape which serves as collaborative spaces. The second software block is placed along the heavier contour with a central courtyard. The software block overlooks the valley which is planned as a stepped landscape area, also being used for parking. The third software block houses the software development and sports areas at upper levels and services at lower levels. The sports and recreation areas include basketball arenas, squash courts and yoga rooms. The 3 blocks sit in conjunction with each other on the site with a clear segregation of pedestrian and vehicular movement. There are several nodes created along the pedestrian movement which allow for covered/ semi covered interactive spaces. The river front is developed as a water front promenade with features for leisure activities.

The project is aimed to have LEED Gold rating.