Retail development of Market City

This project will be a unique mixed used development comprising of mall, multiplex, 5 Star hotel Hyatt Regency and high end residential apartments with ample parking facility located in the commercial  area of Whitefield in Bangalore with an approximately 2.81 million square foot (including 0.80 million square foot of parking) of development area. The five-star hotel (Hyatt Regency) projected to be approximately 4, 60,000 square feet with around 210 keys is being developed.

The Bangalore Market City also boasts of one of the biggest multiplexes in the city with 12 screens. A high end residential apartment projected to be approximately 2, 25,000 square feet with around 80 flats is being developed. The special feature of this development will be that, it has five to seven special and general anchors, consisting of large FEC, hyper, departmental, bookstore, kids play zone, electronics and toy store. The development will also include some special elements unlike any other in the city. The strategy is to achieve maximum rental through placement of right zoning and right tenant mix. The space for every retailer has been identified based on their category and the size requirement. Due to the prime area and size, this site will truly become the complete destination and a must-visit on the tourist sightseeing agenda. This development is not limited to the catchment of 5-10 Km radius, because the endeavor is to make a ‘city within a city’ and extend the catchment to the entire city. Separate entry, movement and exits for each category have been work out efficiently, which ensures smooth traffic flows even though there are mixed users, thus not affecting each other.

*As AOR to Benoy