Research and development facility for Cipla

Leading Pharmaceutical Company, Cipla intends to house an avant-garde Research and Development facility and corporate office at their campus in Vikhroli - Mumbai. This would be the first stage of a complete overhaul of the campus projected to be the company’s main facility in India over time. The design would ideally embody the ethos of the company: Optimal Quality without Superfluous Trimmings. Our challenge lay in the adaptive reuse of the existing basement and part of the superstructure in steel and concrete, incorporation of the functional requirements of Cipla as well as salvaging of maximum possible structural elements and integrate it with the new design. We envisaged a landmark facility  for Cipla, which would be energy efficient, maximize interior flexibility and would promote a user friendly work environment. The final form, considering existing built forms, was conceived such that the central space of the campus opened up, thereby allowing a large foreground for the campus to be appreciated right from the entry gate.The new structural grid was derived by integrating new columns with the existing framework. Large column free spans in the lab area optimize space utilization. A single bar development is proposed, bridging the North and South core blocks, thus facilitating a better building foreground. The exposed inclined North core shear wall would be the branding wall. The superstructure over the existing basement is planned with long and narrow floor plates for natural light ingress into the work zone and a refreshing view of the central landscaped court.The sensitively handled amalgamation of the new absolute functional spaces with the retention of the existing built form into a dignified, elegant yet sensible and straight forward aesthetics of the edifice sets the design apart.