Mixed-use development for ITC Ltd.

The India Leaf Tobacco Division (ILTD) of ITC Limited headquarters in Guntur is being developed as a sustainable campus on 19 acres of land. The project comprising corporate offices, residences and amenities for its employees will be applying for GRIHA Green Building Rating. Guntur being hot and dry, dictated the need for effective cooling strategies for both enclosed and outdoor spaces. This was addressed through master planning approaches such as building orientation, compact planning and introduction of courtyards for cross ventilation along with passive cooling technologies.

Abundant use of wooden jaalis and overhangs, water features along the prevalent wind direction for evaporative cooling, deep set balconies and low window to wall ratio ensure greater levels of human comfort. The lowering of building footprints, using construction sensitive to existing tree cover, substituting innovative materials like grass-crete instead of metalled roads ensure reduction in radiant heat. Shaded pedestrian walkways are created alongside existing tree cover make 'walking to work’ an invigorating lifestyle choice. Water recycling and rainwater harvesting as an integral part of planning of this campus, in addition to equivalent architectural detailing of the structures complement the sustainable strategies making the redevelopment process further sensitive to its carbon footprint.

Through efforts towards energy reduction, sensitive water usage and promoting healthier lifestyle choice, ILTD campus stands as benchmark for sustainable living contributing positively towards the health and performance of not only its residents but also the regional community at large.