J.S.W. Centre

The clients brief for their corporate headquarters in a suburban business district of Mumbai called for a design that would be minimal, one that would project and exude tranquility and refinement, while breaking away from their extant closed office culture to an open office.

Considering the chaotic and busy setting of the site in Mumbai, there was a deliberate intent to fashion lucid spaces, using light and transparency to create a prolific, composed yet open office design.Imposing stairs lead one from both the reception areas on opposite sides to the atrium level that houses shared functions like the cafeteria, auditorium and business centre, thus transforming into a collaborative zone. One that can also multifunction as a celebration space. The Open offices are planned along radial segments which overlook this space.Knowing the clients as being renowned patrons and connoisseurs of art, we endeavoured to infuse avant-garde art installations in the design. Working with the advantage of abundant natural as well as diffused light we adopted a palette of whites as our base colour, to craft a non intrusive, luminous backdrop that would enhance the sculptural forms and act as a canvas for the art and sculpture to be installed at pertinent locations in the office.Each work of art gets its own highlight and renders its individual space without trespassing on either the functionality of spaces or artistic clashes with other installations. Physical barriers are kept to a minimum with light and accent colours used to define spaces. The furniture is also crafted so as to visually fuse the concept of housing avant-garde art with a refined corporate office space, thus becoming a minimalist and synchronized canvas that refreshes the users, cutting them away from chaos and monotony creating an ambience of productivity and calm inside.