Crowne Plaza

This 5 star Hotel by the KGA group at scenic Kochi in Kerala, had to be designed for the sharp business and vacationing traveler who appreciates sophistication and simplicity, combined with the convenience of the latest features and value for money.

A luxury hotel, which would conform to Crowne Plaza Standards. Crowne plaza is an upscale brand in major urban centres, gateway cities and resort destinations offering business travelers high levels of comfort, service and amenities. The orientation and dynamic form of the edifice are responses to the location which boasts of prominent frontage to the highway in one direction, and the view of the backwaters on the other. The arrangement of the guest rooms are defined by the view and the highway. The public areas are raised on a podium so as to level with the main road which is elevated along the frontage. Landscape atop the podium seamlessly continues down to ground level, extending up to the river/backwater which it meets as a promenade.