Corporate office for Monte Carlo

The site is located strategically abutting a 36m wide road admeasuring 38m x 61m. The design mainly considered appropriate road frontage and road widening. Orientation is kept less southern exposed to ease the harshness of the climate in the building. The alignment is such that it provides great wide viewing angles for a vibrant and better outer view. The building shapes itself to manage excellent response to wind.

Ahmedabad is famous for its kite festival. The triangulations in the form are immensely inspired from the dynamics of this form rooting the culture in the design concept. The city also known for its beautiful patch-work inspires the facade design forming patterns - quilted together. Secondly, once a diamond manufacturing hub in India, and possibly in the whole world as the major diamond cutting centre. The design facade reflects a prominent and a robust form inspired from the physical qualities of the Ahmedabad diamond making an iconic structure shining in its glory.
Considering Hot and dry climate most of the time, demanded shading elements external to the glazing. This will ensure minimal direct solar radiation through the glazing there by reducing heat ingress into the space to a large extent. The limit of transparency of the shading element balances aesthetical, thermal and day lighting requirements.