Corporate office for Amara Raja

The plot for the corporate office is located within the Amara Raja Factory premises in Tirupati. The proposed site consists of an already existing office block (G+1) which will be demolished to accommodate the new office requirement. The site is surrounded by mixed vegetation primarily Red sanders (Sandal wood), mango plantation. The site slopes from the south west towards the north with a drop of almost 9 meters. Set among the red sanders, our concept had to be based on nature to evolve with nature, and to mimic the concept of nature. We proposed to restrict the built mass to a maximum of (G+3) and safeguard as many trees as possible.The intent is to use the maximum available footprint of the existing building, so that there is minimum cutting of tree. Linear masses evolved rather than a box mass design to suit the concept of design. Axis were created with the existing building line, the three axis formed defined three wings to the buildings, thereby creating linear masses.

The courtyard created between the three axis will invite the landscape to flow within the building. The three arms created helps segregating the departments namely the corporate, IT and shared services across levels, thus encouraging cross functional interaction  The orientation  of the longer arm faces the factory shed also its footprint eats upon a larger extent of tree cover.  The axis of the longer arm is titled at an angle to safeguard the extent of tree cutting at the same time creates a buffer space between the factory shed and the built form. The entry experience is more inviting and dynamic. The large grid helps in flexible open office planning with column grid 10m x 8m and cantilevers on either side. The facade strategy is to have a very transparent building will allow you to have a visual connect with the surrounding greenery. The east and the west faces are designed to have motorized sun shading fins which would help cut the solar glare.

This would also make the facade dynamic due to the rotation of the fins, self-adjusting itself to the suns direction all through the day.  The north glazing is kept clean to welcome as much as indirect light. The south glazing is protected by the architectural overhangs. The vertical fins in wood mimic the bark of the red sanders tree camouflaging it with the nature’s setup.The building is been encased in a facade which reflects the greenery around it. The clear glass lets the sunshine filter inside allowing the build to sit anonymously by day, but emerge discretely at night.