Corporate Office for Kohler

This office facility is designed for Kohler’s engineering arm that designs Engines and Turbines, This as “One of the quintessential element of engineering” to be our source of inspiration and a guiding force for the “Implementing the vocabulary of design”.
Kohler had a very odd shaped floor plat and demanded analysis. It concluded that the narrow span (in Pink) could comprise of the cabins & other ancillary spaces like the cafeteria. Since these are transition spaces they should be designed to enhance the experience. The larger span (in Blue) of the floor plate is attuned for work space and ideation. Hence majority of the congregation is expected in this part.  To cater to the majority of the end user & respective function it is necessary to design the characteristics of the space to enhance the overall experience.
Due to the evident shape of the base build, a series of torsion axis were derived which maximizes the space utility and also compliments the existing  grid geometry especially the existing column grid. The overall design vocabulary which binds the entire workspace was established; this also allowed to develop planning and spatial geometry using our Inspiration; i.e “Bevel gear”.  

A Calm Work environment shall be devoid of any bright colours or strong contrasts hence a monochromatic palette was chosen. This palette comprised of the shades associated with the shades derived from the image above, typically associated with engineering materials/parts like aluminium acrylic , stainless steel etc. Apart from this other colours are derived from the carpet & the fabrics. Every effort was made to select materials that had less Embodied (Manufacturing) energy, in keeping with best principles of Green and Sustainable Design.