Commercial development for TRIL - Ramanujan IT City

Ramanujan IT City is a humble tribute to the legendary mathematician Srinivasa Ra­manujan whose contribution to his field is truly “Infinite”

Spread over 25.27 acres Ramanujan IT Park offices has been envisaged to establish example for IT Park design worldwide, the planning of the structures assisted in maximizing the courtyard on a narrow site, enhance the visual depth of the site and help achieve a very sustainable IT campus facility. The floor plans ensured optimization of depth of built structure, to ensure harnessing of natural light to the maximum extent, with the cores which do not require external view, becoming compact and restricted to the center of the building.

Throughout ancient Indian temples and palaces, there exists an architectural tradition of what might be termed the courtyard net­work. Within this spatial model, a series of variously sized, open air courtyards are interlinked, forming a system. Each courtyard within the system is autonomous and atmospherically unique, but integrally part of the larger whole. Smaller worlds are cre­ated within a larger one. Architectural organizations like these perform on several levels. First, they are able to manage a vast scale of space, subdividing it into variously sized courts, plazas, gardens, and rooms each appropriate for a different use. The courtyard serves as the centre of activity for the IT complex, providing connectiv­ity between the various amenity functions which are spread across the blocks, thus transforming the courtyard into an ac­tive, pleasant space and the symbolic heart of the project.And finally, they promote a variety of experi­ence, cultivating an overall richness to the spatial character of a project.

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