Commercial development for Dabur

As an office building, 142, Rashbehari in its compact form offers the end users a working destination interspersed within highly activated spaces. The building is an attempt to integrate urbanism, sustainability and flexibility appropriate to the site's specificity and project's commercial viability. As an attempt to climatically orient  the indoor and outdoor spaces from Kolkata's harsh summer and long monsoon the facade is exposed only towards the North and East. The building's core and supporting utilities placed in the west act as a protective barrier from the sun and torrential rain.  A layer of exoskeleton is proposed on the glazing to eliminate glare  and also unify the facade giving it a distinct architectural vocabulary.

The proposed design attempts to establish a virtual link between the semi-open terraces within the built form, the park and entertainment node across the street. The design team explored various massing strategies to articulate terraces at various levels which will offer end users direct views of the park and the street at the north and of a lake at the south .