Clean Room Manufacturing Facility for Advanced Meditech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The development of AMS  includes a world class medical facility in the state of Gujarat to manufacture medical implants, wound closure devices and diagnostic reagent kits. The total site area is around 10 acres. The original square and circle motif idea for the plan layout is proving flexible and adjustable to the complexity of the projects functional intentions. One of the principle parameters spinning the circle on its axis permitted covering the South West side of the site with a molded design façade giving a good aspect to the main entries into the building. The original concept has always foreseen a central courtyard with an elegant shaded sculptural arch as a centre of attraction. The interior gardens are an important part of the concept and all attention should be paid to planting and maintenance throughout time, as the green theme is very much part of the composition, especially the central court which receives absolutely everybody and is a major point of reference.

Architectural concept by RBTA