AMRI Women and Children Hospital

AMRI Women and Children Hospital at Mukundpur, Kolkata, is a hospital dedicated and designed especially with the sole aim to create a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary medical facility. This is the first of its kind healthcare facility in eastern India, designed to focus on the growing needs of specialized services for women and children of this region. Hospital designs directly impact patients’ health – in more than one ways. These environments can get particularly flustering for children and their care givers. Similarly hospitalized women may have to leave behind families and young children only for the suitable accommodation in the premises. Privacy is a major concern as well, especially in general wards and shared accommodation. The solutions to these issues were the basis of the design development for this facility. The development of this facility was proposed in two phases; even though self-sufficient by themselves they should seamlessly integrate with each other. The hospital located in an emerging healthcare district, also had to aesthetically stand out, apart from the high quality of care and spaces, to have an edge over the competition.

The interaction of the patient with the care givers and hospital is treated as an interesting spatial journey that is less intimidating, exuding comforting warmth and an aide to the healing process. The pediatric area has been modulated by adding colour, texture and privacy, creating interest and curiosity. Colour is also used to give different hospital areas a sense of place which is a reassuring tool for way finding, apart from signage. Be it private zones created within the shared type accommodation or suites with an attached terrace garden, personal space and comfort and homely ambience have been given priority.