Tata Consultancy Services - Phase 1
Project : Software Development Campus
Location: Synergy Park, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
Land Parcel : 51 acres
BUA : Ph I - 350,000 sft Ph II - 650,000 sft

This office campus for Tata Consultancy Services is set in a 51 acre campus that is designed in two phases to house approximately 10,000 software professionals. The first phase design scheme primarily comprises 3 Software Development Blocks and Associated Facilities Block. The structures have been restricted to a height of 3 floors, keeping them immersed in the abundant tree canopy existing on the site.

The floor plates of the structures comprise primarily a linear work space, the longer side oriented in the North South direction. Service and meeting spaces are planned along the length on the Southern side, in a way acting as a heat buffer. The work plates stagger outwards towards the North glazed face, resulting in a long triple height atrium.

The building is covered in a vaulted roof, which incorporates North facing sky lights, which pour light into the atrium. No light is derived from the South, eliminating direct ingress of light from the South. The building has an exceptional glare free light that percolates into a substantial portion of the office space and hence artificial light is kept to a minimum along the central strip of the floor plate. This quality of light combined with reduced heat results in substantially lesser power consumption.

A catchment reservoir / mini lake was designed in the low lying area of the site. The harvested rain water was used in the water cooled system and for irrigation as well. Its perimeter was designed with informal sit-outs, green pockets and formed a vital landscape element with work areas overlooking the space.

Successful design environments reinforce loyalty, interest, energy levels and excitement within the organization. It is our belief that a company's workspace design should reflect its culture and should advance its business goals. Therefore, the workspaces should be open and egalitarian, promote collaboration, facilitate communication and knowledge exchange across levels.
Designs should adapt to people and must create an environment that helps them to engage in productive tasks. It should also enable typical changes that are required during the life of the workspace, as demanded by the changes in marketplace.

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