Residential development for Artech - Lexus

Sasthamangalam luxury residencies is a project aspired by Artech realtors. Artech realtors demanded for a vastu compliant layout for all its apartments. They intend it to be a high-end residential development with exclusive features.

Following the requirements, Edifice concentrates on the local context for stability, aspiration of the feel and look and functionality for the unique experience through planning and evolved program. Each unit was provided with a generous deck wrapped around its living room and bedrooms which provided panoramic views of the city.  The curved edges of these decks and the overall planning provided an interesting massing strategy which was a far-cry from the straight pencil-like towers dotting the city.

The facade was conceived as a sculptural skin wrapped around the curved decks acting as a second skin providing privacy as well sun shade for the apartments. The facade was designed in repetitive modules of four creating a dynamic elevation.The overall massing of the tower with the gently curving decks wrapped in a white- sculptural skin created an iconic tower which challenged the conventional idea of a tower and created a landmark not only in the neighbourhood but the city of Thiruvananthapuram.