M Junction is a new age company and is a leader in Metal trading through e-commerce. The office that M Junction planned to move into afforded extensive views of the Salt Lake, a vast waterbody on the outskirts of Kolkata.

The design approach was to maximize the exposure to the available views, while adopting a skewed and faced aesthetic which was evocative of the metal plates, the core business of the Client. This was achieved by sculpting the enclosed spaces to their functional need and housing them in faceted planes. The long facade of the row of the full height masses was resolved into overlapping planes, according each space it’s individual identity while collectively presenting a metallic backdrop to the entire open office.The material palette comprising of metallic tiles, high gloss surface finishes re-inforce the jagged aesthetic. The open office is relieved by break-out pods reducing the requirement for enclosed interaction spaces and maximize accessibility to the external views for a majority of the occupants of this office.

The design is an attempt to deploy effectively, varied and flexible collaborative spaces so as to provide the occupants with interactive environments, mobility and choices in workplaces and workstyles.