Lake District Residences

Feasibility analysis was undertaken for residential development of 94.78 acres in Kondhwa, Pune. The region being annexed recently to Pune Municipal Corporation jurisdiction, the feasibility study for subsequent development, demonstrates the impact of the revisions in the statutory guidelines applicable hence.

 Also, the primary objective of the feasibility study was to demonstrate the possibilities and constraints  of such a proposal based on the vision framework as conveyed by PRA Realty and Walton Street Group USA. This involved identification of five distinct residential communities within the overall development of the project in the future proposal. These communities will be independently developed by members of a joint venture consortium. The high side infrastructure facilities like roads, water and electrical supply will be provided by PRA Realty and Walton street. Although individualistic in function and design, these communities will be integrated through the landscape framework and amenity nodes to form a coherent development.

 The Design brief thus formulated through the feasibility study against the development potential of the 94.49 acres, helps in taking the discussion forward to the construction of Concept Master Plan for the identified sectors through a JV proposal. The study also details out the development for individual sectors to help identify the JV partnership guidelines. It also reflects on the amenities and the possible activity nodes that will help in complementing of the ethos thus created.