Dow Chemicals

The “Center of Excellence” planned at Chennai by Dow Chemicals required a space that was simple, flexible, agile, and result driven.

In addition, the design was required to surmount the poor penetration of natural light, an attendant characteristic of the large floor plate, commercial building format. The design approached by articulating the impersonal expanse of the floor plate into intimate, teamwork conducive pockets of open office clusters. These communities are bounded by, and punctuated with carefully placed enclosed workspaces which are warm and inviting.The areas furthest from natural light have been conceived as pristine spaces which glow as focal objects within the floor plate. Plastic White Forms predominate these areas, relieved by elements in saturated red, accentuating the office’s corporate identity. In the informal spaces that go to complete the office, the treatment is more playful. The design adopts a friendlier aesthetic comprising of curved and plastic forms. The colour palette is consonantly bright and cheerful. The design agglomerates the diverse constituents of this office into a unified whole that offers the occupant a series of seamlessly shifting agreeable experiences