Located at Bangalore, and covering an area of 3,20,000sq.ft., this Deloitte facility at Bangalore is an annex to an existing office. The current office is connected to the pre-existing Phase by way of atria at 3 levels, enabling cross access to the recreation and support functions which are common to both Phases.  The offices are located over the ground floor and 6 upper levels. The design brief for the facility stipulated the housing of office spaces (open and enclosed) and ODC’s from levels 1-6 and learning facilities on the ground floor. Offices for Deloitte are simple, functional and colourful.

The floor plate at each level is of an area of approximately 40, 000 Sq.ft.  The design chooses to fragment, rather than unify this large floor plate and as a result workspace, create neighbourhoods which are bounded and defined by enclosed office spaces, telephone booths, breakout areas and collaborative spaces. Different colour palettes identify each neighbourhood. Movable writing walls, projection areas, idea spaces are features of each work space, thus enabling group discussions, presentations and ideation in each workzone.

At the ground floor, the learning centre comprises of training areas, communication labs and spaces for group activities (termed as “Masti” spaces).  The training areas allow for re configuration of rooms for groups of various sizes. The seating configuration can vary from classroom to PC based to banquet style seating.