De Shaw

The DE Shaw  client brief  is complete deviant from  in many ways, from all corporate norms- starting with their corporate colour, which is black and had to be used as the dominant colour in the facility. Each of the 5 floors was to be differently designed and all furniture had to be unique and customized, including the work desks. There had to feature, at the reception level, one ethnic, art or architectural element.

The new  workspace was designed keeping in mind the above brief and treating each of the 5 levels as independent offices that would be self sufficient – each with desks, meeting rooms, printers, lockers and quiet areas. Since black can be an overpowering and dramatic colour, it was decided to bring in other elements, by way of materials that would draw attention away from the black surfaces.  Experiments with various metals, both as sheets and extrusions,  enabled this concept.

Walls and surfaces  of the meeting rooms and other areas have been clad with MS sheets that have been deliberately rusted to provide  rich orange textured surfaces. Corrugated sheets, acid washed galvanized iron sheets etc have been used liberally on the ceiling and high traffic areas. The ground level comprises of  the common amenity functions like the main reception, business lounge, meeting rooms, and IT related spaces, which form a backdrop to the waiting areas and showcase the clients’ technology. The reception also has a large art component that depicts the architecture of the Angkor Wat temple and dominates in the curvilinear walls of the reception. Over all the design of the space breaks away from the typical regimental format and brings in a lot of freshness which has led to employee satisfaction