Cap Gemini Airoli

The interiors for this facility were planned in a multilevel structure. Broad zoning comprised the reception, corporate and training areas on the first two levels, with the next five levels for work spaces, culminating into the roof top cafe. Typically the enclosed spaces ranging from cabins, meeting and conference rooms, data and utility rooms were configured centrally, allowing for open work-spaces to be efficiently planned around the lit perimeter.

The concept of an ecosystem, a community of living and non-living things that sustain together in synergy, was adapted to instill an oxymoronic ‘serene vibrancy’ into this design. The envisaged palette of rainforest, desert, aquatic, tundra and urban were attributed uniquely to each work-floor.

This approach allowed us to craft the enclosed and open spaces uniquely through colours, textures, forms and light. It also facilitated revealing key nuances of each ecosystem, without compromising the functional aspects, resulting in unique work destinations across the floors and programs.