Aricent desired to explore the feasibility of the more spacious and flexible working envelope option of hot-desking vis-a-vis the existing L shaped user dedicated hierarchical workspaces. Enabling offer more spacious workspace units along with larger number of interactive spaces. With research and analysis opportunities and challenges posed by the existing setup and the emotional and practical requirements of the users were mapped.

Edifice set up a tailor-made interactive and transparent approach to the architectural, design and construction process, which would meet the tight time and budget constraints while endorsing a very broad participatory design methodology which would help Aricent migrate to the next level of office facility. Various permutations and combinations of functional and neutral workspaces with a high degree of space efficiency and shared areas with strong visual and aesthetically appealing qualities were designed that would stimulate creativity and collaboration. To tackle the requirements for different user groups, easily transformable spaces were designed for multiple usages. Modularity of spaces was incorporated for transposition between cabins, four seat meeting and Video conferencing rooms. The furniture was customized to switch between these needs smoothly.

The open office was designed in lighter colours with low height partitions, interspersed locker units, for a more spacious feel and personal storage. Apart from meeting rooms, informal meeting areas have been designed, which have a more relaxed atmosphere for teams to have group discussion. While collaborative work was encouraged; quiet rooms were provided for single users for private focused work. These smaller enclosures were carved out of corner spaces and put to effective use. The outcome was all in all a very efficient, flexible and budget friendly work envelope.